G-I Holdings Inc. Asbestos Personal Injury Settlement Trust
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Please click on the link below to download documents related to the formation and operation of the Trust, as well as detailed information on filing claims with the Trust.


General Information:

G-I Trust Distribution Procedures

User's Guide to Online Filing

GAF/Ruberoid Asbestos-Containing Products

G-I Trust Release

G-I Approved Site List

G-I Approved Site List (Vermont Fiber Customers)

Notice of Payment Percentage Change

Notice of Amendment to TDP Regarding Secondary Exposure Claims

ACH Payment Authorization Form

Notice of Amendment to TDP Regarding the Elimination of Installment Payments

Important Notice Regarding Claims Filing Deadlines

Notice Regarding Inflation Adjusted Claim Values for 2015


For Holders of Pre-Petition Liquidated Claims:

Claim Form for Pre-Petition Liquidated Claims

G-I Liquidated Claims Election Form

Notice Regarding Pre-Petition Filings


Filing Instructions and related documents:

G-I Filing Instructions

For Electronic Filers:

Law Firm Registration Form

Electronic Filing Agreement

Bulk Upload File Format Specifications

For claimants or claimants' representatives filing by paper claim form:

G-I Unliquidated Claim Form

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